DCO Engine

What is it?

DCO Engine is a Web application offering analysis and statistics based on anonymous data collection.

How information is collected?

Our partners' websites and applications host our program that collects information and sends it to our servers where it is stored and analyzed.

What informations are used?

We display advertisment.

Where can I find the full Privacy Policy?

Please click here to read our full Privacy Policy.

For more information on our service, please contact us at contact@dcoengine.com.

How can I opt out?

If you don't want us to record the data we collect anonymously about you from this Web browser through our network of partners, please simply check your status with the button below and opt in or out as you prefer.

Opting out means we won't collect anymore data from the current Web browser until you opt back in. Implying that for the system to honor your opt out command, it must be able to anonymously identify the browser. For this purpose, we use persistent cookies. If you want to erase them, use the button below.

Reminder: as a consequence, the system will not be able to remember if you opted out.

Who runs this service?

AnonymousDMP is run by Adthink.com.